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Clarissa Tossin

Copied Cities


The interest in contemporary art in documentary and research processes has allowed a literal and prolific approach to the phenomenon of copied cities . The project proposes a growing and organized compilation of work that opens the subject to a wide range of political, geographical, economic and cultural perspectives.


Anarchitektur, Joan Bennàssar , Jordi Bernadó, Stefanie Bürkle, Jordi Colomer, Scott Chandler, Domènec, Dan Dubowitz,Alejandro Fernández Mouján , David Goldblatt,  Heidrund Holzfeind - Christoph Draeger, Shai Kremer, Luis Molina Pantin ,Francesc Muñoz – Ramon Parramon – Octavi Rofes (with the collaboration of Blanca Muntadas), Andrea Robbins – Max Becher, Clarissa Tossin, Oriol Vilanova and Dave Wyatt.


Curated by Martí Peran


Fabra i Coats - Centre d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona

c/ Sant Adrià, 20. 08030 Barcelona