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Clarissa Tossin

Sicardi Gallery is pleased to announce a talk featuring artist Clarissa Tossin and Aleca le Blanc. In conjunction with Tossin's exhibition, Streamlined: Belterra, Amazônia / Alberta, Michigan, the Museum of Latin American Art will host a conversation between the artist and le Blanc, Assisant Professor of Latin American Art at UC Riverside.


From the museum website:

In her exhibition at MOLAA, "Clarissa Tossin compares two Ford Motor Company towns: Belterra, a rubber plantation village in the Amazon Forest, and Alberta, a sawmill town in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Built concurrently in 1935, each town provided, respectively, rubber and wood for the manufacturing of the Model T in the United States. The installation establishes a sense of place, showing how specific cultural characteristics invaded and changed these formerly equivalent, pre-planned towns."

Museum of Latin American Art

628 Alamitos Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90802