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Dias & Riedweg

Little Stories of Modesty and Doubt


Mauricio Dias (b. 1964) and Walter Riedweg (b. 1955) examine with their multi-layered narratives questions of identity, society and difference. They are always concerned with mirroring and confrontation – reflection of cultural prejudices and binary codes. The possibilities of video art are fully exhausted, and staged as atmospheric settings: the public is invited to follow a small model truck with a screen, peering into little cases or sitting down on an exhibited bed.

With the series 'Little Stories of Modesty and Doubt', Dias & Riedweg have succeeded in creating an intercontinental bridge: stories from the everyday life of South America are juxtaposed with narratives from Europe. As the core of the exhibition, these little stories thematically unite the subjects that the artists have been addressing over the past few decades, but also encapsulate the great simplicity, the clear camerawork and the radically stripped down nature of the staging. This is the first opportunity in Europe to discover their work on such a scale. The exhibition is accompanied by a full-color catalog.

Conversation in the exhibition

Sunday, 09. 03., 11.00 a.m.

The artists Mauricio Dias und Walter Riedweg in conversation with Fanni Fetzer, curator of the exhibition

Preview of the documentary for SRF and 3sat

Saturday, 15.03, 5 p.m.

Journey to the Edges of Life - The Art of Dias & Riedweg, by Beat Bieri and Ruedi Leuthold