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Elias Crespin unveils acquisition by Nelson-Atkins Museum

Elias Crespin, Grand HexaNet, 2018. Anodyzed aluminum, nylon, motors, computer, electronic interface, 173 x 197 7/8 in.

A Grand Reveal: Elias Crespin’s Grand HexaNet

Thursday, March 28 | 6–7 p.m.
Atkins Auditorium

A monumental kinetic sculpture will soon cast its spell and capture your imagination with its aerial dance high above Bloch Lobby. Be the first to behold this new acquisition and get to know the artist’s creative process at this talk and conversation with Elias Crespin and Curator Stephanie Fox Knappe. With its 90 red aluminum tubes suspended mid-air and set perpetually in motion, this new acquisition marks the museum’s 90th anniversary and the dynamic possibilities for our next 90 years.

Renowned Venezuelan-born, Paris-based artist Elias Crespin creates geometric sculptures choreographed by computer-controlled motors. His modular configurations of metal elements ascend and descend, come together and move apart, and create shapes that continually emerge and dissolve. From his mathematician parents, artist grandparents, and his background as an engineer, Crespin unites these realms to forge new explorations of form, space, movement, and time.

This program and the acquisition of Grand HexaNet (2018) is made possible through the generosity of the William T. Kemper Foundation and the William Rockhill Nelson Trust through the George H. and Elizabeth O. Davis Fund.