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Infinite Bodies: Sandra Monterroso

Musiq' / Breathing of the spirit, 2016
Video-performance, 5 min 14 s
Sandra Monterroso (GT)

Sandra Monterroso moves among the old wooden school desks. She breathes with a brown paper bag placed over her mouth. On the paper bag is printed: "racism is a colonial wound that can be healed". The word Musiq' in the Mayan language Q'eq'chi means breath of spirit. She is dressed in the Mayan Q'eq'chi costume while she breathes and walks through space as an action of liberation of the spirit.

Saturday, April 30 to Thursday, August 14, 2022
Room 5B

Heart of the Windy Place (2022)
Sandra Monterroso (GT)

Sandra Monterroso's work refers us to her multiple body, to a territory in movement that recognizes ancestral knowledge inscribed in the body. The political force of image and memory are arranged as portals for acts of healing. The various materials with which she works, of organic power and performative quality, allow her to break linear temporalities and investigate paradoxes of modernity and colonialism.

heart of the placedel viento is a performance in which the artist takes up the red powder of the achiote fruit, native to America, used by ancient civilizations throughout the continent. The piece explores the historical and symbolic dimension of this organic material, through a personification ritual of Lady Six Heavens, also known as Wak Chan Ahau, the only female ruler represented on a Mayan stela. Sandra's body opens dimensions of space and time to embody the lunar goddess through a ritual of dynastic power. From a clothing offering, the wind and the rituality of the spirit are incorporated and expelled as a breath of life. An act in which the feminine force is present, accompanied by a ritual clothing of a red skirt dyed with achiote, associated with the god of corn,

Work: Sandra Monterroso
Performer: Alberto Montes

Saturday May 28 and Sunday May 29, 2022 | 13:00
Room 5B