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Liliana Porter among others

Nature vs Everything
February 1 - June 8
Hyndman, Brincka/Cross and Susan Block Galleries

Closely investigating the building, blooming, and burning of the natural and man-made world, Nature vs Everything brings the artwork of nine contemporary artists to Lubeznik Center for the Arts. Exploring humanity’s relationship with nature, these artists view the dialog between humans and their environment somewhere between a quiet conversation and a brutal exchange. Often using a lens of whimsy, humor, or horror this exhibition explores environmental peril. Each encounter with the art asks viewers to reflect on their interaction with the natural world while questioning their scale, significance and impact. Search for answers in the showdown that is Nature vs Everything.

Exhibiting Artists: Dan Attoe | Amy Casey | Juan Angel Chávez | Diane Christiansen + Shoshanna Utchenik | Michael Pajón | Liliana Porter | Alison Ruttan | Tom Torluemke

Opening Reception: February 1 | 5:00 - 8:00PM (CST)