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Liliana Porter in Imaginarios contemporáneos (Vol. II),  Colección Museo de Arte de Lima

This show is the second installment of Contemporary Imaginaries , a series of exhibitions that will present the public with a detailed overview of MALI's contemporary art collections. The exhibition brings together pieces by Peruvian and foreign artists who, in media as diverse as painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, installation, video, assemblage and performance, from different positions, invite us to reflect on the body. and their representations as privileged places for critical explorations around the construction of identities. 


The exhibition, on the one hand, presents a series of pioneering artists in the incorporation of feminist concerns in artistic languages, who produced works that criticized, either in a parody or sometimes in a more direct confrontation, the sexist visual culture. and patriarchal. These works question conventions and in some cases denounce different forms of normalized violence in our societies. Other pieces that will be exhibited focus on the representation of their own sexual and political identities, or question normative models of gender and sexuality.


Fifteen years after its formation, the Contemporary Art Acquisitions Committee (CAAC) continues to make a solid contribution to strengthening the MALI contemporary art collection. The works incorporated thanks to the work of the CAAC are added, thus, to the donations that artists and collectors have made since the inauguration of the museum. Together with them, numerous professionals continue to work to rethink narratives about the history of local art. It is a collective effort that has shaped what is now a collection with its own identity and direction, and a privileged tool for reflecting on the history and present of our country.


This exhibition has been made possible thanks to the generous support of Julie Lindley, Caroline Briceño, Rosemary Rizo-Patrón and the Contemporary Art Acquisitions Committee of the Museo de Arte de Lima – MALI.