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Liliana Porter

05. Liliana Porter, Drum Solo [Solo de Tambor], 2000 (still), 16 mm film transferred to digital video to DVD, Blanton Museum of Art, The University of Texas at Austin, Archer M. Huntington Museum Fund, 2003. Photo courtesy of The Blanton Museum of Art

In the video Drum Solo [Solo de Tambor] (2000; 19 min) Liliana Porter brings to life a cast of recurrent toy-like characters that have appeared in her artworks over the years. Through straight-forward animation and accompanied by a music score by Sylvia Meyer, vintage figurines perform in humorous, absurd, and sometimes moving vignettes. Porter’s installation Labor forzada [Forced Labor] (2005) will also be on view, featuring a tiny worker shoveling an impossibly large pile of mulch, a light-hearted but incisive comment about labor and social injustice.


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