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Marco Maggi

Marco Maggi


Language Descending a Staircase, 2016

Micro paper


Marco Maggi’s work is made of thin, self-adhesive archival paper that has been finely cut, arranged in different measures and applied to the wall. Language Descending a Staircase responds to the design of the Courtauld building, and can be seen as a puzzling alphabet, a map, a circuit, a plan for an ideal city or perhaps an itinerary of thoughts. The work encourages the viewer to adopt a playful, free approach to the work and the exhibition as a whole.


Marco Maggi, born in 1957 is a Uruguayan artist who is based in New York and Montevideo. In his works, Maggi uses common materials to create micro drawings, sculptures and large-scale installations.


Artificial Realities, 2016-2017