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Maria Fernanda Cardoso

Artist Educator Liam engages with a work by Maria Fernanda Cardoso and explores the intersection between nature and art. Duration: 06:02 minutes. [video still]


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Creative insights: colourful communication

What are the different ways we communicate and connect? Join MCA Artist Educator Liam as he introduces you to the video work On the Origins of Art I–II by artist Maria Fernanda Cardoso in the MCA Collection. 

Liam focuses on the subject of this work, the Australian Maratus spider. He will lead you through a series of movements and exercises inspired by this spider and its method of attracting a mate. Play with different ways of communicating, be it through dance, drawing, sounds or words.

More about the artist

Maria Fernanda Cardoso
Born 1963, Bogota, Colombia. Lives and works Sydney, New South Wales.
Artist Profile

MCA Collection
Maria Fernanda Cardoso
On the Origins of Art I-II, 2016

María Fernanda Cardoso – the MCA and Tate International Joint Acquisition Program

María Fernanda Cardoso talks about her sculptural practice and finding inspiration in the natural world.

Video • 2 January 2019