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María Fernanda Cardoso

Uncovered: Hidden Pleasures of the Day


UNCOVERED brings together three contemporary visual artists who delight in revealing the extraordinary in everyday places and experiences. Ghasan Saaid, Maria Fernanda Cardoso and Joanne Saad find inspiration in the most surprising places: on the streets and in the homes of Blacktown residents, in vacuous multi-storey car parks and in the theatrical sex life of flowers. For these artists, pleasure is found in discovering the fantastic in what appears to be mundane, where simplicity is a mirage. The exhibition includes video, sound, photographic and sculptural installations that reflect the intricacies of the artists' work.


UNCOVERED is the first time Joanne Saad and Blacktown resident Ghasan Saaid will be exhibiting at Blacktown Arts Centre. Maria Fernanda Cardoso's work with the Tjanpi Desert Weavers and the resulting exhibition, Kuru Alala, toured to Blacktown Arts Centre in 2011.


In conjunction with the exhibition, the Arts Centre will host an Uncovered Intercultural Dialogues event, from 10 am to 3 pm on March 8, 2014. The day begins with a workshop led by exhibiting artist Maria Fernanda Cardoso, where participants can explore the intricacies of plant life with a high-powered microscope, then dissect and sculpt flowers with Cardoso’s guidance.