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Oscar Muñoz

LIFT: Contemporary Printmaking in the Third Dimension


This exhibition examines the work of established and emerging international contemporary artists who use a variety of strategies to bring a sculptural dimension to printmaking. Some achieve this by using centuries-old methods while others take advantage of cutting-edge digital tools. These include low relief printing or embossing, printing on mold-cast paper forms, post-print cutting, scoring, folding, etc., art installations that use repeated print elements, relief printing through repeated print runs to accumulate layers of material, and printing out imagery that is applied to 3D forms. Among the artists projected for inclusion are Enrique Chagoya, Lesley Dill, Robert Gober, Red Grooms, Hideki Kimura, Nicola Lopez, Oscar Munoz, Leslie Mutchler, Marilene Oliver, Dieter Roth, Graciela Sacco, and Jonathan Stanish. Organized by the KMA and presented in conjunction with the Printmaking Program, School of Art, University of Tennessee, Knoxville.


Knoxville Museum of Art

1050 World's Fair Park

Knoxville, TN, 37916