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Oscar Muñoz

La Mémoire du futur

Dialogues photographiques entre passé, présent et futur

May 25 – August 28, 2016

"The distinction between the past, the present and the future is just an illusion", believed Albert Einstein. There is no question here, then, of portraying a suppressed past or an undecided future. On the contrary, the exhibition La Mémoire du futur aims to configure the present by reconfiguring the past in order to prefigure the future. When we compare and contrast works by the pioneers of early photographic processes with those of contemporary artists, three dialogues emerge: between the phototypes of the 19thand 20th centuries (e.g. the first color photographs invented by Gabriel Lippmann) and the latest technologies that shed light on them, then between early photographic processes and works by contemporary artists reviving them and lastly, the dialogue between works by contemporary artists who examine the notion of time or memory, such as Oscar Muñoz. The exhibition's objectives are to show the crossover of perspectives over time as well as to enable visitors to discover the diversity of photographic techniques and to showcase the Musée's collections. By highlighting convergences, this exhibition proves, paradoxically, to be divergent in that it has one eye on the future and another on the past.

A book covering the exhibition is also available


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