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Oscar Muñoz

Oscar Muñoz, Aliento (Breath), 1995. Serigraph on steel disks. Collection of the artist.


[Thumbnail Image Credit] Oscar Muñoz, Re/trato (Portrait/I Try Again), 2004. Video projection. 28”. Collection of the artist.

Sicardi | Ayers | Bacino is delighted to announce the opening of Oscar Muñoz: Invisibilia at the Blanton Museum of Art in Austin, Texas on February 20, 2022. This exhibition, curated by Vanessa K. Davidson, Ph.D. and co-organized by the Phoenix Art Museum and the Blanton Museum of Art, is the first retrospective of gallery artist Oscar Muñoz’s work in the United States. The exhibition is accompanied by an eponymous catalogue chronicling Muñoz’s dynamic artistic practice over the past six decades.

From the Blanton Art Museum:

"Since the late 1980s, Muñoz has sought to reinvent the medium of photography through non-traditional materials and techniques. While he doesn’t consider himself a photographer, Muñoz strives to 'hacer memoria'—'make memory'—in his works by turning photographic processes inside out: 'I am interested in the instant and the processes that occur so that an image can become consolidated, or not, in memory.' Philosophical at their core, Muñoz’s artworks frequently use ephemeral materials like light, water, fire, and dust to illustrate the fragility of an image as a metaphor for the fragility of life. Although the images Muñoz creates often change or disappear, they stay transfixed in our minds.

Invisibilia spans five decades of Muñoz’s radical career and includes approximately 40 of his most evocative works, in which he combines photographic processes with drawing, printmaking, installation, video, sculpture, and interactive elements. Long overdue, this exhibition invites U.S. audiences to experience the invisibilia behind Muñoz’s poetic and innovative practice with works rarely seen outside of Colombia."