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Alejandro Otero, Drawings for Sculptures: The Dimension of Flight

Text by María Elena Ramos

Alejandro Otero, Drawings for Sculptures: The Dimension of Flight


The ArtesanoGroup Foundation is celebrating its 21 years of editorial production with the publication of Alejandro Otero, Drawings for Sculptures: The Dimension of Flight..., developed in alliance with the Otero-Pardo Foundation. It took us nine years of joint work, efforts, and commitment to bring to a happy end the first project undertaken by our two institutions. 

Such a goal would not have been possible to attain without the valuable and enthusiastic guardianship from a group of prestigious art specialists. The sum of their wills played a decisive role in the coordination of the professional team that participated in the publication. 

The result is an unprecedented investigation, which offers the registration, study, and interpretation of a good part of the vast production of works on paper developed by Otero during the decades of the sixties, seventies, and eighties. Among them, of particular interest are the sketches and projects for sculptures made during the artist's creative period while staying at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge. 

This is the third title, so far, by which ArtesanoGroup delves in different but complementary themes related to the legacy of Alejandro Otero, a great Venezuelan artist. It is therefore a source of great satisfaction to put this book in the hands of both researchers and art-loving public in general, as a way to enhance the approach to Otero's work, in this case, from a more intimate perspective. 

For our Foundation, it is an honor to make a new contribution aiming at disseminating the knowledge of Alejandro Otero's work, thus reaffirming our vocation to promote the most transcendent cultural and artistic values from Venezuela. 

ArtesanoGroup Foundation

Published by ArtesanoGroup Foundation and Otero Pardo Foundation, 2019. English and Spanish versions.