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Gabriel de la Mora

Pulsión y Método

Gabriel de la Mora


Texts by Miguel González-Virgen, Willy Kautz, María Minera, Robert C. Morgan and Gilbert Vicario

Published by Turner, Madrid, 244 pp.




Interpreting the artistic work of Gabriel de la Mora is like looking for traces of a murder while suspecting that one never actually took place. In his work, accuracy and execution appear to be conceptual as well as formal manoeuvres. If everything appears to be in its place, what is so disquieting and marvellous about his work? What leads us to experience something sinister? His work is related with the dark side of the psyche, its internal side, away from the cynical and ironic proposals that are so common in contemporary art.


Gabriel de la Mora’s works explore personal identity through different lines of research that trace the thread of his work: originality, the paranormal, identity, memory, portrait and body are part of set of dichotomies represented in his work, where the line and point become elements which generate dialogue between drawing and sculpture, between two-dimensional and three-dimensional.



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