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Miguel Ángel Rojas

Sicardi Gallery

Miguel Ángel Rojas


Text by José Roca
Published by Sicardi Gallery, Houston, 27 pp.
English / Spanish



"I only had to look at myself and look at the context to find a complex network in whick identity, culture, history, subjection, power and violence interact…"

Miguel Ángel Rojas has illuminated the climate of his native Colombia throughout his career, starting with his early, cinematically-inspired drawings and photographic installations in the 70s that addressed homosexuality. More recently, he has confronted ideas on drug use and trafficking, war, and the necessity of education, often bringing in a pointed use of materials such as coca leaves and broken pencils as further commentary. Essayist José Roca establishes the artist’s ability to challenge inequality and use creative expression transcend barriers.



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