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[1974, Guatemala City]

Sandra Monterroso began her artistic career in performance art in 1999. She earned a B.A. in Graphic Design in 2001, followed by an M.A. in Design from Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado in Puebla, Mexico. In 2020, Monterroso earned a PhD in Art Practice from the Academy of Arts in Vienna, Austria. She has represented Guatemala in more than twelve biennials, including the 56th Venice Bienale, the 12th Havana Biennial, and the Frestas Art Triennial in Brazil. Monterroso lives and works in Guatemala City.

In her work, Monterroso explores the dynamics of indigenous culture in the postcolonial era, gender issues, and other constructs of power across media including tapestry, painting, video, installation, and performance.


As Isabel Villanueva notes, “With her thought-provoking and beautiful artworks, Monterroso is trying to unravel the threads or knots that the colonial and patriarchal tradition have left in Guatemala's contemporary social fabric.” Her influences include Cindy Sherman (U.S.), Gina Pane (France), Carolee Shneemann (Germany), and Ana Mendieta (Cuba), and Marina Abramović (Yugoslavia), as she explores issues of identity and relational dynamics between genders and cultures.

As Monterroso explains, “Behind the silence and the paradox of modernity and coloniality, I start taking as a symbolic reference more particularly the Mayan q’eq’chi’ language as an inheritance from my grandmother, whose linguistic structure is completely metaphorical.” 

Selected Solo Exhibitions

Cuerpos Infinitos: Sandra Monterroso, Musiq' / Breathing of the spirit, Casa del Lago UNAM, México City, México
Cuerpos Infinitos: Sandra Monterroso, Heart of the Windy Place (performance), Casa del Lago UNAM, México City, México

Threads of Memory, Sicardi | Ayers | Bacino. Houston, TX, USA
Dyed in the wool - the committed poetics of nonconformity, Cecilia Brunson Projects, London, UK

Las heridas también se tiñen de azul, Spanish Cultural Center, Guatemala City, Guatemala
El agua se volvió oro, el río se volvió oro, el oro se volvió azul, Museo ExTeresa, Mexico City, Mexico

Hybris, NG Gallery, Panama City, Panamá

Inchaq'na / Hermana Mayor, French Alliance, Guatemala City, Guatemala
Distorsiones e imperfecciones, The 9.99 Gallery, Guatemala City, Guatemala

Acciones para abolir el deseo, The 9.99 Gallery, Guatemala City, Guatemala

Efectos cruzados, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, San Salvador, El Salvador

Efectos cruzados, Galería Piegatto (Arte La Fábrica), Guatemala City, Guatemala

Meditando el error, Galería de Artes Visuales, Universidad Rafael Landivar, Guatemala City, Guatemala

Rakoc Atin. Palacio de la Corte Suprema de Justicia, Guatemala City, Guatemala

Sucesos Carcomidos, Galería El Attico, Guatemala City, Guatemala

Metabolismo, Centro Cultural de España, Guatemala City, Guatemala

Ave Fénix, Vestíbulo BANCAFÉ, Guatemala City, Guatemala

Selected Public Collections

Essex Collection of Latin American Art, London, UK

Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid, Spain 

Museum of Contemporary Art and Design (MADC), San José, Costa Rica

Ortíz Gurdián Foundation, Managua, Nicaragua

Paiz Foundation for Art and Culture, Guatemala City, Guatemala

YAXS Foundation, Guatemala City, Guatemala

Yes Contemporary, Miami, FL, USA